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Despite EAE remaining the most common cause of abortion in sheep in the UK1

only ~41%

of ewes intended for first-time breeding are actually vaccinated.

Further, our first annual EAE survey revealed that 43% of farmers had experienced abortions, with 3% stating that >11% of their flock aborted.


of them didn’t investigate the cause of abortion2.

Significant Opportunity

This represents a significant opportunity to engage with your sheep clients to convey the risk and present a reasonable and cost-effective solution, particularly as our survey also revealed that

57% of farmers who didn’t vaccinate last year would consider vaccinating.

At Ceva, we have a wealth of knowledge and resources on EAE and are happy to work with you and your practice to help improve the health of the National Flock by increasing the rate of vaccination.

1. Use of vaccines in cattle and sheep production (2018) AHDB.
2. Data from Ceva’s Enzootic Abortion of Ewes 2020 Survey.